Only you can decide to change your business. Our role is to serve as a catalyst for change. We can bring clarity to issues and priorities, by helping you to think differently about your company, its true potential, and impediments to growth. Sometimes change just can't come from within.


We offer solutions based on evidence, mined from your financial records and discussions with your leadership. We look at where you've been, how you've grown, and the distribution of effort and outcomes. Analysis can span all functional areas and include process and technology improvements.    


It is not uncommon for us to speak with business owners who have no mission statement or see that as unnecessary, but business strategy starts with your mission.


Why you are in business and whom you seek to serve guides everything that follows... your markets, your ideal customers, your products, pricing, and services.


Planning for small business is different from planning for large business. We focus on achievable goals based on financial and human resources.


Entrepreneurs think differently. That's what builds companies and drives innovation.


Successful entrepreneurs learn to delegate, empower teams and create reproducible business processes and metrics that allow their companies to scale with consistent quality. Founders may struggle with defining their roles as they do so, but their roles as the visionaries never change. 


Our coaching is based on real-world entrepreneurial experience with executives across industries and company size. You could say that we also think differently.... about coaching.  


We don't just offer solutions, we can also help you to implement them.

We sometimes work with clients who have a history of working with other consultants, that resulted in no meaningful change.


We have experience managing business operations, we know how to implement the solutions we recommend, and we are inspired by delivering the outcomes!


If that interests you, we offer multiple ways to engage our services including:

  • Hourly 

  • Project-based 

  • Monthly retainer

  • Shared-risk compensation